Multiple Myeloma Study

CPS Research are conducting a survey of patient views around treatments for multiple myeloma.

We want to make your views heard.

With many options now available for the treatment of RRMM, decision making on treatment is complex. Patient perspectives can play an important role. While we usually understand how well treatments work, we do not always have the best understanding of how the treatments affect the way patients feel and are able to live their lives.

This research study has been designed to find out what characteristics of the treatment of RRMM are most important to you. This will help better inform future treatment.

Help others with multiple myeloma by sharing your views with us.

If you know someone with multiple myeloma, please share the link to this short survey with them.

More Information

CPS Research is the premier clinical research company in the UK. We’ve been recruiting participants to take part in clinical trials in the Glasgow area for 30 years, since 1988.

Many different types of drugs are now available to treat multiple myeloma. While the effectiveness of these treatments is important to managing the disease, it isn’t the only important factor to the patients who take them. Drugs may help treat disease, but they can also have a significant further impact on the way we feel or live our lives.

The aim of this research project is to find out what characteristics of the treatment for relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM) are most important to you. This will help better inform future treatment in the context of the needs and preferences of those affected.

For your participation in this trial, you will be paid £15.

Thank you for your interest in this research and taking the opportunity to make your voice heard.

Please take the screening questionnaire to find out if you might be eligible to take part in the research study.